Next Generation of Painting

Powder Coating Systems 

PCS specializes in the design, engineering, manufacture and commissioning of painting systems and equipment for the powder coating of non-conductive substrates.


PCS can supply proprietary powder coating systems that come in two basic configurations:

  • in-line -  using proprietary, patent pending, machinery and process, PCS offers the PultrucoaterTM  which powder coats FRP in-line on the forming machine (painting is performed on the forming machine as the component is being created) 

  • off-line - PCS offers off-line powder coating systems that coat parts in a discrete operation at a different place and time after the parts are formed (similar to traditional liquid painting systems being used today)

PCS can design, build and install a small, stand-alone painting machine, or a large, integrated and automated painting line.   Contact PCS to discuss your powder coating needs.